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Transforming the Paradigm
of Cancer Treatment

GlyTR is an early-stage biotech company developing an entirely new class of immunotherapeutic anti-cancer molecules and cells.

Today’s antibody-based immunotherapies are far from perfect.


There are a limited number of cancer-specific protein antigens, as well as a lack of shared protein antigens across different cancers. There is one therapeutic for one cancer type​.


Antigens often present on normal cells. This in turn leads to On-target, Off-tumor killing, causing unnecessary damage.


Antibody-based immunotherapies presently fail to effectively target the most abundant and widespread cancer antigens known.

GlyTR targets cancer antigens abnormally expressed in virtually all types of cancer

GlyTR is a platform technology that generates both bi-specific proteins and chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR T).

A single GlyTR therapeutic induces killing of multiple solid and blood cancers, ranging from breast cancer to leukemia.

Let’s revolutionize cancer treatment together.

GlyTR Therapeutics is growing. We are always excited to meet likeminded leaders at the forefront of cancer care research.